ohne titel




Mad scientist I have been called, admittedly being a bit of a dub professor, but of what my brother would say about the cultural taboo, “The devil’s haircut,” he who died with a mohawk and one dreadlock, myself with long knotted hair has brought me peculiar attention, misunderstood more than appreciated, wearing dreadlocks for eleven years has been a mostly selfish endeavor, which is not true by the grace of my friends and save for the other few that will say “don’t change”.

As sarcastic and right on as John’s comment was, For me the whereing has been mostly performative, music and dancing will not be the same without this extension of the self to movement and flow, these magnets to other space and times, and I will be naked once again, and through its spirit we be free tho I know not how I’ll feel, though it will be with confidence.

And Solidarity with my others, native or foreign, anatomical or mental.

And eh, dreams.




photos taken at salem art works winter 17′




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